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We have been a fly-in fishing trip leader for over 32 years! Below is our archived photo gallery.

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Jerusa Ricke, 38" Lake Trout, Smoothrock
Tony Benedict, 28 3/4" Walleye, Smoothrock
John Wiggin, 28" Walleye, Coles
Michael Cain, 57" Sturgeon, Wabakimi
Brenda Hvezda, 28" Walleye, Oliver
Richard Warren, 43" Northern, Oliver
Donald Ansley, 26.5" Walleye, Oliver
Randy Gullet, 44.5" Northern, Smoothrock
Braden Bryant, 27.5" Walleye, Smoothrock
Joyce Liau, 26" Walleye, Coles
Brenna Fleming, 25" Walleye, Coles
Howard Christensen, 42" Northern, Wabakimi
Buck Rich, 28 1/2"
Patrick Felde, 41" Northern, Wabakimi
Bob Stutzman, 43.5" Northern, Wabakimi
Steve Pilgrim, 43" Northern, Kenoji
Larry Meyer, 43" Northern, Kenoji
Larry Meyer, 27" Walleye, Kenoji
Rex Thouvenot, 28" Walleye, Smoothrock
John McDaniel, 40.5" Northern, Kenoji
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We had another great time this year.  We caught scads of good Northern.  The 40" Northern I caught was followed by a 42" monster just two hours later.  The first one came in after a 45 minute endurance contest.  I was using an ultralight rig with 6 pound test and a walleye jig.  The second one hit a black and gold Mepps #5 in one of the backwater areas - what a day! 

- John

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